Janeen Sharp (photo credit Hotflash Images)

Janeen Sharp (photo credit Hotflash Images)

If someone asked me what I’m best at, or what I really LOVE to do, I would answer: reading! I love to read. If my body didn’t need sleep, I’d read all night long! However, I have not found a way to make a living reading. So, I directed myself to the next best thing – writing.

I’ve been writing professionally for over 30 years. My clientele spans industries from financial services to landscaping to plastic-injection-molded closures (i.e. bottle caps). I have written brochures, trade journal articles, press releases, advertising copy, reports, labor contract provisions, speeches, internal company communications, marketing materials, training manuals, direct-mail campaigns, copy for websites, promotional materials, email newsletters and fiction. Most recently, I convinced my church that we need an email newsletter, so now I am giving voice to God!

Admittedly, writing is not always fun, and I’ve had to learn to absorb the edits of many people, both constructive and useless. Each assignment requires knowledge of the specific audience, research, imagination, concentration and determination. But when it’s time to ship, I can see the results of my painstaking efforts and that is the ultimate reward!

Educationally, I graduated with a double major in English & Business, I have a Master’s Degree in English, a teaching certificate, and have been a private tutor and an adjunct professor.

In this space, I have attempted to collect samples of my work. It is by no means comprehensive – much of it exists on paper only. But I am also very organized, so I probably have it if you would like to see it!

Comments? Questions? Please let me know!